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I’m Jamie

A coach, speaker and serial entrepreneur absolutely passionate about helping heart centred coaches, influencers and educators thrive in their businesses. I believe that the better you do, the better the world does.

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What My Clients Have To Say

After working with Jamie for a few months, I ended up making more money in one month than I did in a year. Jamie White taught me how to run my business in a slow, consistent and efficient manner. He will help you to change your life without having to burnout in the process.

Jenny Keane www.instagram.com/hellojennykeane/

I cannot express how much money, time, energy and stress Jamie’s work saved. It gave immense clarity and a direction for moving forward and progressing in business. It was a game changer, If you’re considering getting a coach I cannot recommend him enough.

Joe Moore www.instagram.com/joeaxelmoore/

Jamie was so patient with me and met me where I was at. He really cared and wanted to bring me as much value as he possibly could. He adapted to my style as we progressed throughout the coaching process which was amazing and so intuitive. I could not have got to where I am now without him. He really helped me secure the foundations of my business and now I can see how I’m going to flourish from here.

Clara Kennedy www.instagram.com/clarakennedycoach/

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