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Ruth Seavers

Top 5 Mistakes Coaches Make On Social Media

There are lots of mistakes coaches make on social media. And I’ve seen a lot of them.  Branding isn’t something that needs to be complicated with lots of different things going on. Branding can be simple. And one way to keep it simple is to keep it social.  There’s great opportunity with social media to… Read more

How to Get Comfortable Making Video Content as a Coach

Practice is the number one thing that helps you get comfortable making video content. There are lots of aspects you need to keep in mind, but grounding yourself will help you tell your message as a coach. Having lots of mediums for your message is great to try out what works for you. If you’re… Read more

Top 5 Mistakes Coaches Make With Their Branding

It can be easy to make mistakes in branding as a coach. Focusing your work and energy on your clients can often mean the face of your personal brand suffers. Juggling too many faces at once can be distracting as well, so if you can – seek advice. I can help you in this area…. Read more

3 Key Benefits of Branding for Coaches

The benefits of branding for coaches are countless. You don’t want people seeing a corporate image for a personal experience. So how do you brand yourself as a coach? – People work with people.  That’s something I always say.  And that’s the thing about business. Nobody wants to do business with someone they don’t know…. Read more

5 Pillars To Building A Strong Coaching Brand

Building a strong coaching brand takes time. And most importantly, quality time. It’s no good spending 20 hours in the office working at 50% when you could have gone home, recharged, given yourself permission to relax, and return to the office at 100%.  So when you’re pursuing your brand, I urge you (as a holistic… Read more

5 Reasons Email Is An Essential Marketing Tool For Coaches

 Marketing for coaches can be tricky in the digital age. There are so many ways to reach people it can be difficult to know which model suits you best. When you’re working with people one-on-one, email should be at the top of your list. Here’s why:   1) It’s Reliable  Marketing for coaches is key, and… Read more