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Top 5 Mistakes Coaches Make On Social Media

There are lots of mistakes coaches make on social media. And I’ve seen a lot of them.  Branding isn’t something that needs to be complicated with lots of different things going on. Branding can be simple. And one way to keep it simple is to keep it social.  There’s great opportunity with social media to… Read more

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5 Tips for a Great LinkedIn Profile

I wanted to share a few tips for using LinkedIn because there’s such a massive opportunity on there. And so many people aren’t realising it. And as a result, so many people don’t know how to capitalise on the opportunity that is there. There are many different approaches for what works best for you online… Read more

How To Generate Leads as a Freelancer

There are so many freelancers out there who are really talented but just aren’t getting the work that they should be. And looking at how to generate leads as a freelancer, can seem like something much harder than it actually is. Everything takes time and investment to build. And the thing I’ve learned is that… Read more

Tips to Improve Your Public Speaking 

I’ve had a lot of people say to me over the years that they find public speaking really nerve-wracking. It’s something that comes up often in business. So if you haven’t had a lot of practice at it – don’t worry. A lot of people find it challenging. So I wanted to share a few… Read more

How to Delegate Successfully 

How to delegate successfully is something that the best of entrepreneurs have managed to get right in order to accelerate their productivity. People like Richard Branson have spoken about the power of realising your strengths and weaknesses, and delegating accordingly. It’s something so many people don’t realise can save you so much time and more importantly –… Read more

How Influencers Make Money

The topic of influencers has been massive in the last few years. As a new business model, they hold a lot of power. So how they make money is a huge area of interest and it’s a big search trend online. People are always trying to figure out – how do influencers make money?  … Read more

How to Get a Pay Rise

How to get a pay rise is one of the more perennial problems, not just ‘business’ but for people in general. So many people are afraid to ask for their worth or even broach the topic with an employer. It can be a sticky situation and a lot of the time confidence can come into… Read more