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Top 5 Mistakes Coaches Make On Social Media

There are lots of mistakes coaches make on social media. And I’ve seen a lot of them.  Branding isn’t something that needs to be complicated with lots of different things going on. Branding can be simple. And one way to keep it simple is to keep it social.  There’s great opportunity with social media to… Read more

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Generating Initial Sales For Your Business 

A while ago, I was doing some consulting with a business who are in their initial stages. They had finalised what it was they were going to be offering to their customers and now the conversation very much centered around how to bring business in. How were they going to get those initial sales?  … Read more

The Number One Lesson Entrepreneurs Learn Too Late 

The number one lesson that I think entrepreneurs learn way too late is that speed isn’t everything. Overnight and instant success are ethereal things and not something to be relied upon or aimed for. Yes, there are exceptions to the rule. But generally, as I’ve said before – it’s best to stick to the norm… Read more

How to Build Confidence in Yourself 

Today I want to talk about something that is of paramount importance: confidence. And how to build confidence in yourself, as well. It’ something I don’t feel is spoken about enough by entrepreneurs.   Why? To hazard a guess – it could be because people are often so keen to present the ‘best’ version of… Read more

What is Holistic Business?

A little while ago, I changed my title on my LinkedIn and social media platforms to Entrepreneur and Holistic Business Coach. And ever since, those questions haven’t stopped coming in.   What is ‘holistic business?’ And what is a ‘holistic business coach’? When you Google it, there are very few results. So I thought I’d make… Read more

Entrepreneurs: Why Now is Your Moment

Today I want to discuss the real opportunity that I think there present right now, and why I think for entrepreneurs: now is your moment.   Goodbye 2020  In writing this we’re just coming into 2021. 2020 has been a crazy year. It’s been a world that has presented us with challenges we never thought we’d… Read more

What To Know Before You Start Your Own Podcast

A lot of people have been launching their own podcasts, especially during Coronavirus. As a media form, it’s never been more popular, so it’s a solid way to promote yourself right now. After starting my own, there were a few learning curves I wanted to share. Ones that I wish I knew before starting. I’m… Read more